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Adam goes back to his roots

Tuesday, 23rd December 2014

Someone once told me; sometimes you have to go backwards to progress. How true that is in my case as, for the last few years, I have really got back into my close range traditional float fishing - something I used to do all the time...and I love it.

All one needs is, the minimalist amount of gear and some basic watercraft, and quality bait...and that`s where Haith’s comes in of course.
Basic Watercraft

I love Centrepin reels and old Mitchell 300 eggshapers...and quiet under fished pools; something with a little bit of mystery about the place, places that many anglers don't know about or fish...
One of the places I fish is in a friend’s back garden – literally! It’s open to the public, but only on a limited of the pools has some nice perch as well some huge roach (up and over two pounds) but the perch is what fish for here.

This is real close range angling. I use small prawns as hook bait but use Haith’s high-quality hempseed and Robin Green & Garlic SuperSoft pellets to bring in the silverfish, which in turn attract the attention of the sergeants on patrol...
Close up perch

You can see how close I fish in the photos...actually, a little tip here, I don't tie the hook in a conventional way but use a figure of eight knot which allows a loop of around one inch, hence the name `hook in a loop.`
Robin Green and Hamp Seed

Take it from me, using the Haith’s SuperSoft Robin Green Pellets, Hemp Seed and the hook in a loop is a REAL edge.

Supersoft Pellet Range

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