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Tuesday, 8th August 2017

Way back in the mists of time the bait company Nutrabaits was launched and among the first noel idea the fledgling company came up with was the method of making bait called 'Bricking' Here's how you go about it.
First crack six eggs into a mixing bowl and add flavour or natural attractors.

Whisk the mixture to blend everything together.
Robin Red & Fishmeal

Now add the base mix. Here I am using a version of Robin Red and Fishmeal.

Form into one big ball of paste.
Paste Bricks

Now divide the paste into four roughly equal-sized square bricks.
Simmer the bricks

Simmer the bricks for 10-20 minutes. You’ll need to experiment as some base mixes cook quicker than others.
allow the bricks to cool

Remove and allow to cool.
Cut the bricks into cubes or squares

Cut the bricks into cubes or squares of differing shapes and sizes. You’ll note that you get a lot of baits for six eggs. The baits nearest the centre will be soft, almost paste-like, while those towards the outside will be tougher and less dense.
The bait carpet

Bait up using a caty or a spod. The bait carpet is likely to be quite different to anything the carp have seen before. It comprises many different textures, buoyancies, shapes and sizes.
Ken Townley Catch

It gets ‘em every time.

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