Some call him "Cornish Ken" we just call him Ken. 

If you're a carp angler, there's a good chance you'll know all about Ken and his love for carp fishing. Google him and there's no shortage of links to his leading-edge articles on bait preperation and strategy. He's a guy not to be messed with; passionate to the core about what he does and ready to share what he knows at the drop of a hat. That passion reveals itself through Ken's library of bait-making articles, and if you really want to know what's goes into your bait there's no better place to start than by reading an article written by Ken Townley. Yes there are plenty of anglers writing about their exploits and sharing their results, but Ken's special to Haith's Baits because he's an angling writer and he's helped thousands of anglers do what they do better and in the meantime made it safer for carp, too.