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Preparing for winter - Part 1: Bait

Wednesday, 19th October 2016

Bait Baron, Brian Mills takes a look at how we can make our bait work better for us during the forthcoming winter months...

predigested fishmeal

With fish meal based baits I try to get the solubles within the mix, up to around 25%, by adding some pre-digested fish meal starting at about 10%, as there is already some solubles within the mix and then work from there.
Nectarblend and Red factor

We can also open up the mix by adding a bit more bird food to it; for example, try 5% Nectarblend  and 5% Red Factor  to aid the leakage of the bait.

Reduce the oil content of your bait, which is the reason I do not add Haith's CLO to the mix and why my preference is to stick with Nectarblend and Red Factor. Each to his own, though. My maths is simple: if I'm using 10ml of fish oil through the spring, summer and autumn then for winter I'll only add 5ml and then add some other liquid food like CSL liquid, liquid Liver or some of the liquid fish proteins. Also, reducing the boiling times as well so as not to lock in the liquid attractors.


I think it's fair to say that these days its very rare for me NOT to add one of the excellent powders from feed stimulants within my baits.

A typical recipe is:
400 gms Robin Red/Chilli mix
50 gms Predigested Fishmeal
25 gms Nectarblend
25gms Red Factor
5 ml Cod Liver Oil
15 ml liquid liver
5 gms winter amino compound (feed stimulants products)
3 to 6 ml of flavour
boil for 60 -75 seconds

And for a bird food bait:

400 gms ProNectar
75gms Robin Gold or Robin Orange
25 gms calcium caseinate (CASILAN 90)
5 gms winter amino compound (feed stimulants products)
15ml Liquid Robin Gold or Liquid Robin Orange
3-6 ml of flavour
boil for 60 -75 seconds

Robin Gold

Robin Orange
Calcium Caseinate

The solubility in the above recipe comes from the Calcium Caseinate which being a refined milk powder is expensive in the region of £15 per kg, but it will last you a long time so consider it an investment in your catches to come. I do not like to add more rearing milk powders to my winter mix as they have a lot more fat content to them, and feel that they clog up the finished bait. Calcium Caseinate can be bought from chemists under the name of CASILAN 90 - Instant Milk Protein.


As always the first thing into my particle mixes is Hemp seed this makes up 50% of my winter mix the next 25% is good old sweetcorn and the remaining 25% is made up from any one of Haith's ground baits or boilie crumb - this year it will be their new SuperNut as I've had some great results with it over the Summer. Another thing I add at times really depends on what other anglers are using; if some are using maggots then I add these as well at a ratio of 1 pint per KG of the above mix.


Super Nut

Pellet Mix

I just love the supersoft pellets for winter use; they break down to nothing leaving loads of attraction but no real food value. I also add just a few Trigga Ice (Nutrabaits) in both sizes to the mixture.

Baiting up: I try to bait up twice a week with about 100 baits a time depending on when I can get to the lake next as I don't get a lot of time, working 5 days out of 7 is not conducive to regular fishing through the winter.

The above particle mix is loaded into the lake at the end of my session and is done only once a week.

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"Boilies" by
19 Dec 2018

Hi could you please tell me how many eggs you use

Haith's customer services:

Hi Brad.
Many thanks for your question. Both recipies require 5 medium eggs.
Many thanks
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