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Robin Red gets new international brand identity

Friday, 4th August 2017

Haith's has launched a new, fresh brand identity for its flagship brand, Robin Red and has invested in a series of adverts to express how anglers feel about the legendary red stuff. Haith's has created numerous adverts and worked with Approved Bait Firms to translate them into fifteen international languages to make it easier for anglers to find genuine Robin Red thoughout Europe.
Fish with a legend Advert

We believe the design treatments reinforce the quality proposition of Robin Red and the high-quality bait firms who use it to make the best carp baits on the planet,' explains Haith's Associate Director, Simon King.

The adverts say just as much about our trading partners as they do about Robin Red,' explains King. 'We set out to make it easier for anglers to find genuine Robin Red when we launched our approved Robin Red logo and license scheme and anglers loved it. This time, we wanted to go a step further with the new brand identity - which will soon be available to all approved bait firms - we wanted anglers to feel like they're buying a brand with a performance pedigree, with a heritage second to none in carp fishing, when they invest in Robin Red.'

The Haith's Approved Bait Firm approach is welcomed by anglers who regularly visit to find out who’s on the Robin Red approved list.

Please email for information about using the advertising materials or opening a trade account.
Robin Red Adverts


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