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Robin Red carp bait additive

Robin Red® for hookbait, baits, liquids and groundbait

Robin Red based fishing baits are among the best ingredients you will ever find for carp fishing. The smell and taste of Robin Red are totally unique and it has incredible pulling power. The fresh and peppery smell is one of the best ways to quickly identify the original from a fake. Another way to tell the difference is results.

If you want to catch more fish, there’s no better choice than ROBIN RED. We have been making Robin Red since the 1950s and it’s been successfully drawing fish since the 60s. Whilst its formula is a closely guarded secret, there’s nothing secret about its reputation as an attractor:

“ROBIN RED is, without doubt, the most successful carp attractor of all time,” - Ken Townley.

Arguably the finest carp attractor ever, ROBIN RED is a potent and time-tested blend of high-quality ingredients that will draw carp, tench, barbel and chub from miles around.

Purchase directly from Haith's or from an Approved Robin Red Bait Firm where you see the Robin Red logo: (Robin Red® is a registered trademark of Haith’s® - Licence No: RRHaiths1937-001UK).

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