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`Supernut` in the Valley

Monday, 18th July 2016

My wife said she felt a bit sorry for the delivery guy that dropped off a heavy looking parcel recently, and indeed although it was rather weighty, it was what was inside that was of interest to me...
The lovely Anna from Haith's had previously contacted me, asking would I like to try out some of the new Supernut groundbait mix - "Of course I would!" I said. I enjoy testing new baits, especially the ones developed by Ken (Townley) himself. It immediately sounded like it would be a good addition to my baiting plan.

literally, a day or so later, the aforementioned parcel arrived. That's the good thing about Haith's - not only do they have fantastic products but their delivery service to home is excellent as well.

Anyway, how did this new ground bait perform; where could I try it out; and what type of angling should I use it upon? All good questions, and to do them justice with a detailed trial I decided, in the end, that it was actually a no-brainer; I'd try it out on three venues using different styles of angling and see how it transpired as a ground bait.

I guess I`m no different to anyone else as work and family come high on my list, so I decided to try it on a small pool for the silver fish and carp as a taster, shall we say. In fact, it was an after work session, plus the fishing was free as I'd given a friend a nice rod bag and he`d given me loads of free fishing on his lakes in exchange.
Set up beside the lake

And so, I settled for a nice reed lined marginal swim with a depth of around four feet. My aim was to float fish for anything...oh, and, of course, I was using my centrepin in conjunction with the small bait dropper I always use. Before I set up my rod and reel I mixed up a small Drennan bait box of Ken's new Supernut mix to let it settle before I made it up into small balls...

The first thing I noticed was how well the Supernut bound together, I didn`t even need to use much lake water. The binding and holding structure of a groundbait is always - to my mind - a good indicator of a bait's quality.

Initially, I balled three or four balls into the marginal spot I'd earmarked. Whilst I left the swim alone for ten minutes, I attached my glow light ready for the fast approaching night time. With this done, I swung out my corn-baited size 12 barbless hook right on the spot where I'd carefully placed the balls of groundbait.
flick in the wrist

It was by now dark and I could clearly see the float with the glow light on top...then - within a second or two - I couldn`t. So, I struck! Well, a positive flick of the wrist really. The float rod was hooped over and after a very short tussle a small but lovely looking common carp nestled in my specimen net.

After this commotion, I again fed some more small balls of Supernut onto the same spot... Not long after, my night float vanished again only, this time, it was a nice roach.
great carp caught

And so it went on 'til I remembered I had a lot of work on the next day. So, I carefully packed down my small course set up. I wanted to stay longer, but at least I was happy the new groundbait was working and attracting the fish.

On the short drive to my cottage, I formulated the beginning of a plan for Supernut's next test; the next test I decided would be on a much larger water...

I may have mentioned before that I very rarely do more than a twenty-four-hour session, and even rarer is a two-night session, even a two-night session for me is not a pure forty-eight hour jobbie, more like afternoon, night, the next day, the night, then home. Either way, I was very excited as I found myself carefully driving down the narrow back lanes to the large reservoir I had in mind to fish...

At eighty-one acres it was for certain not a small venue, but I was not intimidated in any way as I approach this in a systematic manner, in exactly the similar way as a smaller venue... One thing I have learnt with the advance of powerful casting rods, especially on this particular place, is that you don't need these powerful tools (most of "my" fish are caught up to fifty yards with my low test curve rods). Anyway, I digress, I was really up for this trip - when I get like this I make sure everything is set up in a precise methodical manner. It's worth mentioning that I don't subscribe to the philosophy of fishing with the wind in your face on big lakes, or this one, in particular, I was looking for a nice open area with the wind to the back of my armo bivvy more for comfort than angling practicalities.

With the set up achieved, I first mixed up around a kilo of the Supernut ground bait. Whilst this was settling, I also mixed up a kilo or so of Haith's hemp and groats and some remains of frozen Lidl corn I found in the depths of the family freezer.
Groundbait made

My plan being was to mini spomb the ground bait, which was rolled into lots of small balls and the particle in an area the size of two snooker tables. I used my low TC carp rod with the mini spomb [I have a spod rod, but it's a long walk to the swim and less is more] to create lots and lots of little patches of bait. Hopefully, any carp following the marginal lines of the lake would stop for a munch... Hookbait wise I use to two fake pop up corns permanently soaking in Liquid Robin Red and a five bait stringer for no other purpose than to straighten the trap out on the cast as the pop up corns are prone to tangling on the cast.

The wind had dropped off and the large lake had a very thin topping of mist, I just love it when big waters like this are lovely and still, even though most prefer it when the water is `bendy`. My Trangia was slowly cooking me a lovely curry and I was watching the water intently, literally and suddenly the right-hand silty area rod was `off` and it was shifting as well ,grabbing the rod this fish felt good, and after a couple of very long protracted runs I eventually netted the fish which turned out to be an older looking common..I weighed it and the legend read 19lb! Not a bad start I thought to myself...

After topping up the swim again with Supernut ground bait, chopped boilies and some Robin Red pellets I sat down to reheat my curry, which was rather nice even if it was second-time reheated!

By that time, it was dark. I could just about see the herons working the margins and the odd swirl of a big perch hunting. All was still until the same right-hand rod burst into life yet again. And boy, did this fish move! By the time I'd registered the carp it was almost into the far bank. Anyway, after a dogged scrap, a very nice common was netted. It was a lovely fish - fully in proportion to its body size.

All was quiet throughout the night until dawn then I had a further five fish. So, all in all, it was a great session - especially as I was certain the Supernut ground bait had played a big part in holding the marauding carp in the area....with the confidence of the Supernut firmly in place I looked forward to the next trip out...

My good friend Green Giant (GG) and I had planned to meet for a night session on `my place` but circumstances meant that GG was tied up and couldn`t make it 'til the very early morning. Being the gentleman that I am I left GG his favourite swim with some very inviting pads to angle at and so using the time wisely I mixed up a bait box full of the Supernut...

I very quietly walked down to the marginal area that I had earmarked, which for me had a specific reason...this spot used to be a prolific early morning spot but, over the years, my catches had slowed down. So, I thought to bait this area with the Supernut to see if I could 'regenerate' past results somewhat...

I left this spot alone as every now and then I walked up the bank and topped the spot up with some more small balls of the ground bait and various types of mixed pellets...

Remember, I had not placed a trap in this area as yet.
beside the bushes

My left-hand rod was placed under some close in branches - this rod is nine feet long and is perfect for close-in work. My other rod was flicked close to the island and a new found snag. Darkness came and I had four fish from the close-in rod, and nothing from the island rod. About three AM, I decided to fish the margin area I had baited with the Supernut ground bait and pellet..It wasn`t long before I was getting the odd "bleep" so I knew that fish were around. I was tired after a hard weeks work so I drifted off to sleep only to be woken by GG, who said I was snoring! He was already set up and fishing and it was not long before his carp account was opened too.
catching carp
What happened after this can only be described best if you were there fishing with me, but it was as if a switch was turned on as I began to get take after take on the Supernut spot, after every fish, I topped up with more boilies, ground bait and pellets, just a handful of each....I have no idea how many carp I caught during the day as I truly lost count. Certainly a trip to remember for certain....and what great fun.

Now I have my priorities in place, although the fishing was brilliant, the text message I got from my daughter was fantastic, and it went something like: `Dad, do you and John want fish 'n' chips? If so, we`ll bring them down for you.` This was good because a). we were hungry and, b). It's rare to be able to send/receive a text message in this rural area. The nearest chip shop is ten miles away so it was lovely of my wife and daughter to do this.

I can tell you nothing beats eating nice hot fish n chips by a lovely lake with a good friend.

Enjoy your fishing and the countryside.

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