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Use good bait, angle well and anything is possible

Tuesday, 23rd December 2014

I had planned a short session on my small club lake, again with the big perch in mind [I`m somewhat obsessed with perch right now]...
Although I didn't start fishing until quite late in the morning I was still confident. I chose some deep marginal cover and I quickly set up my multi piece float rod plus, my favourite pin (a very special handmade float given to me - although it takes 5bb its super sensitive).

I literally was fishing closer in than under my rod tip...

Feeding the remains of both types of Haith’s SuperSoft pellets plus Hemp seed, corn and peanut meal I waited...

Actually I was looking for my friends van as he was coming down as well, when I looked at my float, it was gone - so I struck! Straight away my specimen float rod went right over and I got my knuckles rapped by my reel as this unseen adversary powered off... I shan`t bore one and all but, after a seemingly long battle, a rather large common just about fitted into my net - I reckon it was easily 15/16 lb. I was pleased as the pool is lily pad heaven. I slipped this fish back and carried on angling...

Using half prawns, a steady stream of big roach/hybrids (and many double figure carp) came to my landing net...

What a day this was turning out to be...I ran out of hemp and pellet!

Then all went quiet...for about 15 minutes, the float rose and then disappeared and so I struck and I could tell this was one of the pools’ BIG perch. Eventually with a satisfied yelp I called my now angling friend around to take some pics for me...

I was very happy.
Adam Roots

Some more perch came my way...I still can’t believe how many fish I had...brilliant!

It wasn’t all fun, though: we got told off for staying to long on the lake. Oh well.

So there you go...the so called “old fashioned” methods still work, and work well; nothing (to my mind) beats the sight of a float going under...

Use good bait, angle well and anything is possible.

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