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If you've just arrived here from the Carp Forum, welcome to Haith's Baits. 
Ken Townley

Feel free to explore and discover more about our bait ingredients for yourself or allow Ken Townley to guide you through our range. If you don't know who Ken Townley is (where have you been?), you can read all about his work with Haith's - he's helped us to create greats like SuperRed, Haith's CLO, HoneyRed, MarineRed and used his years of bait-making experience to refine our most advanced base mixes yet plus tested new robins (Robin Green; Robin Orange and Robin Gold) and also our new liquid robins. His commitment to high-quality baits has helped us to bring to market some of the best carp fishing ingredients in the world. 
 The New Robins
Ken Townley testing Robin Gold; Robin Green and Robin Orange
If you'd like to benefit from Ken's expertise, here's the place to start: Ken's blogs are packed with bait-making tips and insights. What he doesn't know about particles frankly isn't worth knowing. Bait preparation scares off many anglers as it's complicated. It needn't be complicated, though, with Ken by your side. Read his blogs and improve your catch rate. 
If this is your first online visit to Haith’s Baits, these are the most popular places anglers like to navigate and discover more about either our ingredients, our ‘Approved Bait Firms’ or to pick up tips and insights from the angling community, our bait-making experts and adventurous field testers. It’s all just one or two clicks away.
Robin Red® The choice of expert bait-makers
Robin Red Montage
Robin Red based mixes are among the best bird food mixes you will ever find. The smell and taste of Robin Red is totally unique and it has an incredible pulling power. The fresh and peppery smell is one of the best ways to quickly identify the original from a fake. The other way to tell the difference is results.
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You don't have to purchase from us to use our information - it's online and freely available. If you do decide to make a purchase you might like to know that we have a no-quibble returns policy, delivery is free for orders over £30 (Mainland UK), and orders are despatched same day when placed before 1pm (Monday to Friday). 
The Big Red Fishing Journal
Jelly Baits

If we were you, we’d regularly drop by ‘The Big Red’ blog to find out what’s been cooking since the last visit. Bookmark http://www.haiths.com/haiths-baits/blog/ and you’ll be amongst the first to find out what’s occurring at Haith’s; for example, in the last year we’ve launched a new range of liquid robins; new game-changing SuperSoft pellets and high-quality base mixes. All announced on ‘The Big Red.’ 
If you’d rather read a paper version of ‘The Big Red’ click here to request one.

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