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Good quality bird food can help maintain a bird’s health, which can reduce ailments. The right diet can cut down on obesity, and help birds thrive and breed successfully in captivity. We specialize in adding variety to our bird foods because we know it’s important to consider acceptability and palatability, and to ensure that diets are as varied and interesting as possible.

There are in excess of 50 bird food products available to PRO Users. We’re accustomed, after nearly 80 years of experience to providing variety, and we’re used to supporting professional bird-breeders. We help them bring their birds into breeding condition with special foods like Prosecto Insectivorous™, Softbill Food™, Nectarblend™, Rearing & Condition Food and Egg Biscuit Food – all made fresh, daily, on the premises.

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Plain Millet Seeds 

Millet Seeds feature prominently in most cage and aviary seedeater’s diets. They are always included in Haith's proprietary seed mixes, and provide the bulk of the fats and carbohydrates essential in any well-balanced diets.

White Millet    
Yellow Millet    
Panicum Millet    
Red Millet    
Japanese Millet    
Mixed Millets    
Millet Sprays

Chinese Sprays    
Canary & British Mixtures

Haith's canary seed mixes are based on formulas proven by champion breeders over many generations, since 1937. They are produced from the finest quality ingredients and offer a good selection for even the most critical of bird-keepers.

De Luxe Canary Mixture    
British Finch Mixture    
Greenfinch Mixture    
Condition Seed – No Rape    
Plain Canary Seed

Feeding canaries is very much the same as all small seed-eating birds and over generations the champion breeders and showmen, particularly of the Type Canaries, have developed their own particular seed formulas, which they have relied upon to achieve their desired results. Our finest canary seeds can help you do the same.

Canadian Canary    
Foreign Bird Mixes  

Haith's produce several bird seed mixes and foods which ensure adequate basic nutrition for many foreign birds, providing supplementary items like live food, and insectivorous mixes are offered to satisfy the special needs of certain individual species.

Parakeet Mixture    
Lovebird Mixture    
Cockatiel Mixture    
Foreign Finch Mixture    
Parrot Food Superior Quality    
Parrot Sun Lo Mixture(TM)    
Parrot Nature Diet Soaking Seeds(TM)
Parrot Fruit & Nut    
Foreign Finch Tonic Food    
Parrot-Like Tonic Seed    

Even seedeaters consume softfoods when offered, particularly during the breeding season, and when they are feeding young. They add variety to a seedeater’s diet but for most soft bill species make up the bulk of the food consumed.
Rearing & Condition Food 

Haith’s Rearing & Condition Food is appetising and nutritious and will help to improve condition and create stamina. Many leading breeders give it full marks!


Egg Biscuit Softfood 

Egg Biscuit Softfood is a complete food used by many of Britain's most successful bird breeders for several decades. It has an exceptionally high egg content and has helped many bird-keepers to breeding success. So feed Haith's Egg Biscuit Food with confidence - you'll be delighted with breeding results.   

Nectarblend Rearing Food 

To rear healthy young you need a food which satisfies both parents and young birds. Backed by the experience of Haith's, bird diet experts and leading aviculturalists since 1937. It is a continental type rearing food for Canaries, Budgies, Hybrids, British & Foreign birds including Parrot-like. It contains only the finest ingredients, including best yolk of egg blended with real Baker's Honey. It's a reliable rearing food (tested by bird-keeping experts) and backed by Haith's.

Softbill Food    

A special formula recommended by bird nutrition experts. It is as near to the softbill’s natural food as it is possible to get. Containing a variety of ingredients; blended with special oils and Baker's Honey, it provides vitamins and minerals. Made to retain it’s freshness - it will not turn sour. Softbill Food keeps your bird in splendid condition and helps to avoid loose droppings. 

This blend is used by some of the Countries leading zoos and wildlife parks. It will keep British and Foreign softbills in perfect health.

Prosecto Insectivorous 


Prosecto Insectivorous is a unique time tested softfood used by bird-keeping experts (and zoos) and is an invaluable supplement to many seed-eating birds' diets, especially during the breeding season.

Formulated as near to a delicate softbill's natural food as it is possible to get - Prosecto Insectivorous is also of great benefit to breeding Canaries.

Recently, working closely with zoo nutrition professionals, we launched an avian bird diet scholarship and uncovered ways to further improve Prosecto Insectivorous, and we’re pleased to announce it’s now available online.

The nutrition scholarship revealed that...

“The birds studied were significantly more visible (that is, less out-of-sight) when they were feeding on Prosecto than when they were eating. This could mean that they have had more time to be seen by visitors – an important part of a zoo’s conservation and educational message. Feeding, flying, locomotion on the ground and being mildly vigilant were all significantly increased. The results indicate that Prosecto does promote the display of those natural behaviours that are not related to breeding.”

“Many different species of birds are kept in captivity, many of which are omnivorous, faunivorous or insectivorous. Haith’s Prosecto Insectivorous feed has shown itself to be as good in terms of quality as an egg-based patee. Prosecto may be a better choice if the brand would reduce the iron contents and increase the calcium amounts. It proved to be palatable to the birds and has a preferred macronutrient make-up that is suitable for faunivorous birds. While the birds under study were fed Prosecto, they were less out of sight and more frequently performed feeding, flying, locomoting and mildly vigilant behaviours.”

So with iron levels lowered and calcium (Ca) levels increased we feel we have a market-leading softfood which will improve your bird-keeping results.



Iron 86 mg/kg

Calcium (Ca) 0.45%

ZooSoft™ - low-iron softfood.  
Live Mealworms    

Dried Mealworms    
Plain Feeding

Haith’s advocate varied diets as this ensures a wide consumption of vitamins and minerals and breaking boredom by encouraging birds to forage for their own requirements.

Pinhead Oatmeal    
Mixed Pulses    
Monkey Nuts in Shells    
Premium Peanuts    
Mixed Large Nuts in Shells    
Pigeon & Poultry Mixes

Good quality bird food can help maintain a bird’s health, which can reduce ailments. The right diet can cut down on obesity, and help birds thrive and breed successfully in captivity. We specialize in adding variety to our bird foods because we know it’s important to consider acceptability and palatability, and to ensure that diets are as varied and interesting as possible.

Red Band® Pigeon Conditioner  

Pigeon & Poultry Mixes 
A1 Fancy Pigeon Mixture    
Dove & Pheasant Mixture    
Duck & Goose Mixture    
Poulty Corn    
Budgie Mixtures

Special Budgie Mixture    
Budgie Breeders Mixture    
50/50 Budgie Mixture    
Budgie Tonic Seed    

Carophyll Red® in Tins    
Grits & Cuttlefish

Grits are essential in all seed-eating birds' digestive systems and should be available at all times. Our grits are guaranteed clean and free from pollutants and especially suitable for cage and aviary birds. Just choose a size appropriate to your birds.

Mineralised Tonic Grit    
Fine Oystershell Grit     
Cuttlefish Bone
Various Seeds    

Crushed Hemp Seed    
Whole Hemp Seed    
Niger Seed 
Large Chinese Pine Nuts    
Russian Soft Pine Nuts    
Small Chinese Pine Nuts    
White Pumpkin Seeds    
Sunflower Seeds

We only sell excellent quality superclean sunflowers, with good oil and vitamin content. Parrots, Parakeets and British Seed-Eaters love our Best Large USA Sunflower Seed.

Best Large USA Sunflower    
Small Striped Sunflower    
Mixed Sunflower    
Black Sunflower    
Sunflower Hearts    
Wild Birds & Wildlife

Cheap wild bird foods are cheap because they're often full of dust, debris, waste husk and wheat. Choose a Haith's superclean bird seed and you're guaranteed to get a high-quality bird food that's clean & safe for wild birds. We owe this quality focus to Britain's garden birds, and to our friends who feed them.

Badger Food    
Hedgehog Food    
Mealworm Crumble    
Native Finch    
Original Wild Bird Food    
Peanut Granules    
Squirrel Mixture    
Feeder Seed    
Huskfree Advance    
Premium Wild Bird Food

If you’re looking after rare and endangered species of birds or have a bird collection that requires something extra special you may should ask us about Haith’s PROFORMULA.     


When it comes to bird-keeping we understand there’s more than one single formula for success and that birds will need different foods for different life stages. PROFORMULA is a NEW service where we make a bird food to YOUR specifications.

One major point of difference between PROFORMULA™ and other bird food offerings is that we’re prepared to help you formulate a diet that works for you and your birds. It can also be formulated for sensitive species or for special circumstances, such as moult, egg-laying, rearing of young or periods of convalescence for where minor changes to diet can be all-important. If you have queries or need advice we and our veterinary advisor will be happy to help.

Why choose PROFORMULA™?

No one knows your birds better than you and your team of bird-keeping professionals; therefore, if you need a special recipe, why not work with us to make an extra special bird food just for your birds? That’s the kind of service you’d expect from an expert, isn’t it?

Please call +44 (0)1472 357 515 fax +44 (0) 1472 242 883 or email: haithspro@haiths.com for a full PRO Product list of weights and prices or to find out more about PROFORMULA.

Haith's PRO is a Corporate Member of BIAZA.