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UK & International Trade 
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SuperClean - the BIAZA Award-winning project:
Project aims: “Accuracy, Consistency and Reproducibility” Most proprietary bird diets in the United Kingdom are not subject to screening or health-monitoring analysis other than visual, naked eye and manual checks for apparent quality and consistency. Haith's PRO, however, under the supervision of Professor John E Cooper FRCVS, FRCPath, aimed to create a market-leading quality control (QC) process to make its bird diets safer for zoo collections and wild (free living) birds.

Outcomes: The many advantages of the SuperClean process have spread throughout the bird world; zoo collections can benefit from being fed cleaner, finer, safer bird diets, and wild (free living) birds, throughout the UK, will be beneficiaries too.


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Connor Hopkins
UK & International Trade 
Email: connor.hopkins@haiths.com
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