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Help St Andrew's Hospice Grimsby make space for nature

Monday, 3rd December 2018

This year we’re taking a rest from our traditional 12 Days of Christmas campaign and we hope you won’t mind.

Let’s explain why…
Heart Mix

Since 2000, we’ve emailed one Christmas offer a day for twelve days from the beginning of December; we’ve sung Christmas Carols (sorry!) and dressed up as Santa and his elf helpers (again, sorry!). All manner of offers has been e-mailed in those seventeen years. We’ve enjoyed helping our customers feed their garden birds for a little less at Christmas, and we’ve enjoyed going out of our way to bring you a little more from all of us who work at Haith’s.

So, why are we giving it a rest?

Several months ago, we received an invite to take a look around our local Hospice and hear their plans for wildlife garden areas. We accepted the invite and were deeply touched. The Hospice, however, wasn't looking for sympathy - it was looking for ideas.

We could immediately see the role nature could play to help ease the suffering and perhaps provide a moment or two of respite at a time when there are, regrettably, more questions than answers. We decided there and then to help, but we've decided that this Christmas and winter we want to double our efforts.

We want to generate enough income to help the Hospice invest in sustainable wildlife zones which can then be enjoyed by patients, visitors, staff and volunteers by - for example - introducing nest box cameras which can be observed by children who can also explore for bugs and other creepy crawlies in a safe environment - a moment or two spent together with nature.

As we listened to the Hospice’s stories, a thought occurred to us... Why not launch a bird food mix this Christmas and winter season that can make a big difference for nature and help the hospice at the same time?

So that's exactly what we did.
Heart Mix

What we came up with is below, our Heart Mix and we'll be donating 20% from each sale to the Hospice.

We look forward to sharing photos to show how your support is making a positive difference.

Heart mix
Heart Mix Prices


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