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Let’s work together

Tuesday, 19th October 2021

There’s an important meeting coming up. One that can change our natural world for the better.
It’s called COP26 and it’s the annual UN climate change conference. Attended by the countries that signed the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) – a treaty that came into force in 1994.

One of the purposes of the meeting is to urgently adapt to protect communities and natural habitats at risk from climate change. Habitats the world over help to build our worlds natural defence against storms and floods. These natural disasters are often caused by climate change and often in the poorest areas of the world.
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Air pollution affects the health of millions of people worldwide, homes and businesses can be damaged by unpredictable weather – all victims of climate change. We have made some progress though. Cleaner air and beginning to restore nature are just two areas which are seeing an improvement. But we need to do more.
Over the last two years coronavirus has impacted every country in the world but as the world begins to recover then now is the right time to build back better and more importantly – greener.
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There's lots we can do. The UK is leading the world in cutting down emissions by ending the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2030. As a country, we are setting out a green industrial revolution – trying to create jobs to ensure that we can earn our living in a clean green way. Surely that’s better for everyone?

As a company, we have been taking this greener approach for quite a while; for example, we re-use and recycle cardboard boxes every day. We have made numerous changes to our warehouse, offices, and packaging - for one example, we removed waste bins from under our desks and all Haith's colleagues are encouraged to sort their recycling into shared collection points throughout the building. Our parcels are despatched in recyclable bags and recycled cardboard is used to place in our boxes for protection against damage en-route to our customers. Any spare paper and plastics are separated into bins and recycled where possible even our kitchen waste is dealt with in the same way. We call this our Mission 'R' and you can read more about the lengths we go here

Our mission is to create a sustainable bird food offering.

We’re doing all of this because it’s better for Britain’s wildlife. Our birding community wants to know that it's supporting a company that truly cares about birds and the environment.

Now is the time, if you don’t already, to help and support wildlife. Why not go and buy and then plant that insect loving shrub you’ve been meaning to? Better still, go and dig out a wildlife pond to help attract frogs, toads and water-loving insects. Leave out water in a shallow dish for hedgehogs and other small mammals. Hang out a bird feeder to help local garden birds through the winter months and beyond.

Climate change is a big risk to us all - some might say it's the greatest risk facing us all - and we need to lose the mindset that it’s ‘someone else’s job’. We all need to make the change that will help to protect our natural habitats and, in our small corner of this planet, we can do just that.

Just making a small change can make a big difference to our world.

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