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Our top 5 garden plants for birds

Thursday, 16th September 2021

Gardens come in different shapes and sizes, from hundreds of acres to the smallest courtyard or window box; however, our gardens can provide a healthy supplementary selection of a bird's natural food source with a little bit of extra effort.
As the year unfolds and the evenings begin to draw in - usually from early autumn onwards, temperatures drop, and natural food becomes scarce in the wild. One way of addressing this shortage is to provide supplementary bird food - we're here for you and your birds with our high-quality handcrafted bird food.

In addition to providing bird seeds, why not consider planting for wildlife? Here are our top five garden plants that will provide beneficial foods for a wide range of garden birds.

Holly berries are usually ripe by autumn but birds like blackbirds, fieldfares and redwings don’t usually feed on them until late winter.
holly berries

Ivy has many advantages. The leaves provide food for insects like caterpillars as well as roosting pockets for birds. During the autumn, ivy flowers attract insects, which then turn into food for robins and wrens. When the middle of winter arrives, the blackberries will be eaten readily by thrushes, waxwings, and starlings.

Honeysuckle is a great climber and is perfect for when space is at a minimum. During the autumn months, it provides berries for birds such as bullfinches. In the heat of summer, the highly scented flowers will help to attract insects and so provide food for a range of garden birds.

Teasel is a looker! This very artistic-styled plant has striking seed heads which form during early autumn and can last until December. Sparrows, buntings, and goldfinches will feast on the seed head.

The branches of the cotoneaster are laden with small red berries any time from autumn onwards. This popular plant is usually the first one to be stripped bare of its bounty of nutritious berries and is especially popular with thrushes and blackbirds.

However, if you’re not in the least bit green-fingered then that’s where we can help. We can’t supply holly, ivy, or honeysuckle but seeds like sunflower hearts and peanuts are readily available direct from Haith's and these will keep your birds healthy until your garden's a little more established.

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