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Peanut Power

Peanuts for Wildlife

Peanuts for birds remain one of the easiest and cleanest ways to attract and feed garden birds. Importantly, though, the quality of peanuts available in the UK varies greatly and poor quality peanuts can actually be harmful to birds. So only buy the best quality ones, which you can always be sure of from Haith's.

"Buying the very best quality premium peanuts is worth every penny" - Bill Oddie

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The golden rule is to only buy safe peanuts, which means 'tested for aflatoxins.' Ours are tested at the source and then here in the UK. Good quality, great value, wholesome nuts are rich in proteins and full of essential nutritious oils. This means that the garden birds & wildlife that feeds on nuts get the maximum benefit every time they land on the bird feeder. Are all peanuts created equal? No. It’s worth spending that little bit more on them if you're really serious about feeding birds and keeping them healthy and safe. Haith’s nut is a safe nut for wildlife and garden birds.