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Safe4 saves the day

Wednesday, 8th September 2021

Over the last few months, we’ve all become accustomed to washing our hands more often and making our home environmentally safe.
For those of us that feed garden birds then, we need to be applying the same kind of hygiene procedures to our bird-feeding stations.

Mouldy food and bird droppings encourage bacteria growth and when a large number of birds are attracted to an area to feed then birds run the risk of picking up an infection. Contamination can occur from other birds or animals (such as mice) so it’s very important to try and guard against infection from both of these sources.

Good hygiene practices should be in place all through the year but especially during the summer months as warmer weather can cause bird food to go off quicker.

Try to keep your bird tables and surrounding areas clean and free from droppings by cleaning with a disinfectant solution like Safe4 disinfectant.

This fantastic range is our go-to cleaning product. It is specially formulated and doesn't contain harmful phenols or aldehydes and it's safe for use on all bird feeders, bird tables and nest boxes. We find the trigger spray particularly helpful as it’s the perfect size for bird tables.

Armchair naturalist and company friend Pat D from Yorkshire has recently cleaned all her bird feeders, bird tables and even her patio with these products and just look at the result! Great job, Pat.


Clean bird feeders and feeding areas will help to attract more birds and the main benefit is helping to keep your garden birds healthier for everyone to enjoy.


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