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The Best Food for Blackbirds

Friday, 5th January 2018

Blackbirds are one of Britain’s most familiar and best-loved birds. Belonging to the thrush family, only the male is all black with female and young Blackbirds being brown.

They are one of the most commonly seen wild bird species in the UK and providing suitable food – based on their preferences – will help to attract them into your garden.
Blackbirds will eat all kinds of wild bird food. One of their Haith’s favourites is Songster food. But they’ll consume Sunflower hearts and soft suet variants, such as suet pellets. They prefer to eat from either a bird table or ground feeder, preferably in a sheltered area.
Sunflower Hearts
They are classed as a softbill bird and may damage their beaks eating hard seeds or seeds with husks.
Softbill Food

Blackbirds love to forage around in undergrowth for food so try scattering our softbill food under bushes and hedges.
Their most favourite food, however, are insects and fruit. Our suet pellets and Raisins would be the perfect treat for your local Blackbird.
At this time of year numbers of Blackbirds are increased by continental immigrants and by feeding any of the above you are sure to have them visit your garden.

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