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Extra Large Hemp Seed

Tuesday, 9th October 2018

Our extra-large Hemp Seed is aimed particularly at carp anglers who wish to lay down a widespread carpet of Hemp Seed

Being twice the size of our standard Hemp Seed the additional density allows the user to fire out his bait a dozen or more meters further than were he or she using our standard seed. In addition it contains more food oil, is easy to prepare and when on the lakebed it resembles a snail bed. You can clearly see the difference between our standard Hemp Seed (left in this photo) and our extra large Hemp Seed (right).

Large Hemp seed
Large Hempseed
Correct preparation is important if you wish to get the most out of your bait. Our extra-large Hemp Seed can be prepared by soaking it over night in a saucepan and then boiling for about 20-25 minutes. Alternatively you can prepare large quantities of Hemp Seed using the freezer box method. Personally I prefer to us the Thermos flask method.
Flask with hemp
Half fill the flask with dry seed. A funnel comes in handy!
Half fill flask
Next pour on boiling water.
Add water to hemp seed
When the flask is full of boiling water and Hemp Seed, you will note that the seed floats to the rim. This can make putting on the stopper a bit trickery but persevere until the flask is sealed.
Pour hemp into bucket

Now you need to wait while nature takes its course. After 24 hours empty the flask into a suitable container such as a saucepan (if you think the seed needs further cooking), or a bait box, a bowl or a bucket.
Hemp in a saucepan
You should find that after 24 hours the Hemp Seed will have cooked to perfection. This flask method causes much of the seed to split and show the white pulp inside the husk.
The Hemp Seed is now ready to use, however, many anglers like to enhance their bait by adding various attractors, such as salt, powdered flavours or, as shown here, with crushed chilli, also sold as chilli flakes.
Crushed Chillies
I am a big fan of chilli and I use it in a great many bait scenarios.
Simmer blend together
Once you have mixed the seed and the chilli together simmer the blend for about five minutes.
Leave to cool
This releases the oil in the chilli and makes it much more attractive. Carp are not affected by the heat we detect when we eat chilli. In fact carp don't know what the Scoville Heat Scale is. Now remove the pan from the heat and allow the bait to cool completely.
Correctly prepared
Correctly prepared, your bait of Haith's Extra-Large Hemp Seed and Chilli should look like this. It is now ready to use.
Red Factor
You might find yourself in an angling situation that required that you fish are range, in which case you gain extra distance by creating groundbait balls of the chilli & Hemp Seed blend. This can be done using any of the following: Red Factor (as shown here), Rearing and Condition Food, Nectarblend, or SBF Mix™.

Red Factor
Mix 50 - 50
The prepared seed should be mixed 50/50 with one of the dry ingredients.

Ready to roll into groundbait
When the seed and the binder have been blended together with a spoon or a fork,  you will find that the baits is now sticky enough to be rolled into balls of groundbait.

Rearing and Condition food
Groundbait ready to be used
The balls of chilli Hemp Seed can now be introduced to your swim by hand, by catapult of by groundbaits sling.
Ken's Catch
I have been using Hemp Seed as a carp bait since Noah was a lad. and this new extra-large seed from Haith's really ticks all the boxes. I like to use the groundbait balls method when fishing on a river, as I find they sink well and then breakdown on the lake bed, releasing a stream of attraction into the current. Carp find this irresistible. Here's a much younger and slimmer KT with a pristine common that came from a tiny arm of the River Charente near Angouleme in France.
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"Mr" by
29 Jan 2019

Hi ken can you prepare the large hemp seed and when cooled freeze it .cheers sean

Haith's customer services:

Hi Sean
Yes, you can freeze it but I suggest you do so only in small amounts, say, bags of 250-500g. If you freeze a bag of, say, a couple of kilos, it will take ages to defrost.
I hope this helps
Best wishes
Ken T

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